Inventions and discoveries without moral provocations never have a philanthropic impact. Inventions without a philanthropic impact are mere mechanic advance. An air ambulance flying with a human organ crash landing to save a life definitely provokes anyone ,who is a bit humane. It was debut fly with an organ from a donor to a donee. The air craft got rechristened as air ambulance. The organ donor was declared brain dead in the morning of that crucial Friday at a hospital in Kerala,India on 24 July 2015 The donee, was waiting at a distance far away from that hospital. The distance would have torpedoed the noble mission as the heart had to be transplanted within four hours after being harvested from the parent body. It was at this crucial juncture, air ambulance proved itself as a life saver.\ This palpitating incident provoked us to study the Heart Disease and Stroke statistics -2015 of American heart association .The report made it loud and clear that cardio vascular disease is the leading global cause of death amounting for 17.3 million deaths per year ,a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030. This is the moral ambience where our earnest attempts for a device for monitoring and detecting heart disorders by studying the regular physical activity got manifested as real time monitor for Heart and physical activities This is also the realization of our earnest belief that a device which can give a timely advice by monitor the heart and observing the physical activities can save us from the risky transplantations . Our research opened before us another territory, where lies the possibility of monitoring the physical activities of athletes. Naturally, the athletes too became the part of our noble mission to arrest the heart related ailments.


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