How do I know if I need BIOCALCULUS?
  • Do you want to know more about your heart rhythm?
  • Are you suffering from irregular heart beat?
  • Are you an athlete and do you want to get an insight into your fitness level and the key athletic parameters inorder to win like a champion?
  • Do you want to track your calorie level for knowing how much calorie is left in your body?
  • Do you have calorie deficit or calorie surplus diseases?
  • Do you feel lack of sleep when you wake up in the morning even though your total sleep time is more?
  • Do you have Snoring?
  • Do you have trouble for falling or staying asleep?
  • Are you tired or less productive in your workplace during the whole day?
  • Do you feel any type of breathing difficulty during the night?

If you answered YES to any of the above, Biocalculus is for you

Why should we use biocalculus?.
Biocalculus is mainly focused on athletes and common people. BIOCALCULUS should be a best coach for every athlete. Through this device, training level and the performance of an athlete during a tournament can be monitored and analysed. In common people, it measures health of our heart, regular monitoring of ECG pattern, calorie level and daily activities. By monitoring ECG pattern, we get an insight into heart beat and heart rhythm. Besides these, the quality of your sleep also tracks, it is better for your health. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times helps you function well throughout the day. Biocalculus will be a solution to achieve all of these. Biocalculus will provide you a healthy lifestyle. Online support is also provided to enhance the quality of Biocalculus.
What features are available?.
  • Ultra low power
  • User friendly
  • Smallest and low cost
  • Online training at fingertip
  • Uses artificial intelligence & cloud based analysis
What kind of sensors are you using?
We collect datas from one lead ECG sensors, Microphone, Accelerometers
How do I turn biocalculus on and off?.
Biocalculus does not have an on/off switch. It simply goes to sleep if not used for a while. Just "double tap" directly on the device to power on.
Does the biocalculus support my smartphone?
Biocalculus supports all Android 4.0 and its higher version and ios smartphones.
Is biocalculus available in my country?
Biocalculus will initially be available in US and Europe union. In both these countries, FCC and CE certifications are cleared. Availability in other countries like Australia, Canada, India and Middle East will follow once we clear certification.
What is the range of biocalculus?
Biocalculus uses Bluetooth low energy to sync. It should work up to 10 meters, but will depend on your smartphone and other interference in the environment.
On board memory available?
YES ,Onboard memory of 2Mb is available
Is it a medical device?
No. Even though Biocalculus is not a medical device under FDA certification but the device has FDA clearance capability. We hope that our device will have full FDA clearance in early 2018. Until then, we cannot claim that Biocalculus can diagnose any disease.
What is the warranty period of Biocalculus?.
One year warranty is provided.
How does sleep behavior study conduct?.
Sleep behavior study is conducted by analyzing the different sleep stages such as light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. This is done by using the accelerometer data and the ECG signal. Besides these, snoring level is analysed through microphone and heart rate, respiratory rate through ECG waveform. All these parameters provide an insight into your sleep quality.
Is it every time need to connect the Bluetooth to device?.
Bluetooth will be only connected in wellness mode not in athletic mode.
Is it usable with a pacemaker?.
Yes, Biocalculus can also use along with a pacemaker because it doesnot inject any current into it.
How does arrhythmia detection works?.
The app synched ECG data will be processed in the cloud where artificial intelligence and analytics are done.
Is it working in standalone mode?
No, Biocalculus is not always working in standalone mode. It is in standalone mode during athletic mode and in connectivity mode during wellness mode.
It provides 2 hours backup.
Did you provide online support?
Yes, we are providing online support to the users via online chats.
How much accurately measure the ECG Signal?
Accuracy of the ecg signal at resting condition is same as that of the ecg from clinical records.
What is the retail price of BIOCALCULUS?
The Suggested Retail Price is $185, but now during the Indiegogo campaign, you can get it for much less price.
Is BIOCALCULUS waterproof?
No, it's not waterproof but it can easily be wiped with a moist cloth for cleaning. It is resistant against sweat.
How long does BIOCALCULUS work on a single charge?
Biocalculus can work up to 4 days on a single charge.
What languages are supported in the BIOCALCULUS App?
The BIOCALCULUS App now supports English.
Can I connect BIOCALCULUS App to other fitness apps?
Now, the Biocalculus app is connected to Google fit app and apple health app.
Are there any risks associated with use?
No more risk is associated with wearing a small and light weight device with good casing along with an adhesive patch on your chest.
What are the recommend ages?
For people with age above 30 and also for athletes with age above 15.
Can we also access app functions on a web browser?
Yes. We are providing a dash board on the web browser so that you can analyse the required data more deeply in a large window.


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