A Smart Wearable Device That Fits Into Your Busy Lifestyle

This wearable health device collects your heart signal and body movements. Collected data will then be sent to the Biocalculus mobile app. For detailed processing, data will upload to the cloud. Using mobile app, data can be upload to cloud. After analytics and article intelligence insights, the results will display on both the mobile app and the cloud.

In the Box

4 Easy Ways to Wear

Position 1

Place BIOCALCULUS on the upper left quadrant of the chest which is just below the clavicle / collarbone with an angle of 45 degree. The signal from this position gives more accuracy than others.

Position 2

Place the device perpendicularly on the centre of the chest.

Position 3

Place the device horizontally on the lower left quadrant of the chest.

Position 4

BIOCALCULUS straps around the athletes chest such that the device should be near the sternum on the pectoral area.