Now rhythm studies much more easier.....

A Complete cardiac monitoring ecosystem which is
- Clinically Proven
- Long Term
- Easily Affordable

Cardiac Ecosystem for the future

Future needs strong and efficient system that will not misdiagnose a single beat

Why Biocalculus

Customized time frame from 1 day to 30 days will provide a complete freedom to chose as per patients symptoms

Very compact and wireless design makes the patient to engage in their daily activities without restricting the quality of traces

We bridge the gap between patients and clinicians during the rhythm studies. Your query will be addressed by our trained experts

Well defined and customized report format will explain the patients conditions in detailed manner

Our proprietary deep learning algorithm based Rhythmic software and Certified Cardiographic Technicians combined will give you complete report

Intuitive Web Dashboard

Quick and Easy navigation throughout web dashboard provides a better guidance on all abnormalities of the rhythm.
This highly simplified dashboard provides credence to the potentiality of the clinical team cardiac
Full disclosure of the patient data aids in precision and fully transparent data analysis. Rhythm marker enables easy identification of aberrancy

Everything is now in a fingertip

Easily accessible mobile application platform
Paperless ecofriendly soft data report system

An Ideal Report

Every single aberrancy documented in the report is provided with sample image guide for you. to acquire a proper medical support
Symptoms and Diagnosed impression on patient data is documented with fidelity

Our Patient Say it fits

I called upon the Biocalculus team who installed a small patch type monitoring device for 1 week period and by which I have been diagnosed and preferred for Pacemaker implantation. Thank you Biocalculus.

Mr. Kunji Mohammed

I blacked-out and was taken to a doctor. The doctor prescribed me this device for monitoring and started medication. I'm okay now and am enjoying my life

Mr. Nijin

Sometimes I used to feel my heart pounding and visited cardiologist for the same. He prescribed me this device. This compact device was very simple to use and it has not restricted any daily activities .

Mr. Yohannan

Few weeks back, I had stroke like symptoms and visited neurologist who prescribed me to use this device. Thus, I was screened with AF related abnormalities and got treated right away. Now, I m perfectly alright.

Mrs.Moly Kuriakose

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