Biocalculus will transform your idea of cardiac care

Gone are the days where bulky devices are hurdles to your dreams. As you run around, you need someone to watch your each step; we listen to what your heart says. Biocalculus gives you the freedom to race to your goals untroubled

  • A personalized heart care monitor to continuously assess your heart.
  • No more waiting for sophisticated devices in multi specialty hospitals.
  • A first hand referral from experts without investing time to make a hospital visit.
  • The lighter it is, the freer you are.
  • Instant diagnosis after your booking period.
  • Better utilization of monetary resources in your treatment.

If you have any heart abnormality

Biocalculus is indicated for use on adult patients who may be asymptomatic or who may suffer from transient symptoms such as:

Chest Pain
Shortness of breath
Pre syncope/syncope