The need for more doctors to attend the growing demand can be met:

The current methods let you monitor the cardiac rhythms for a fixed period of a day or two. As you replace these with our device, you can set the monitoring period for as long as you want. This will help you review the cardiac condition of your patients at any instant

● Get timely results of your patients to initiate the treatments
● More patients can consult you in a stipulated time period
● Data of patients miles away or even across international borders can be collected and monitored remotely
● Clinical accuracy of teleconsultation can be enhanced.
● Simplified approach that lets the physicians to verify the AI backed algorithms

Clinicians can access ECG/EKG pattern along with patient details using Biocalculus’s simplified web dashboard.The single lead ECG obtained by Biocalculus is at par with clinical results obtained for other single lead ECG devices.

  • The web dashboard contains a list of patients consulted by each physician
  • The physician can easily get a glimpse of the pattern of cardiac rhythms on the patient in a sequential order

clinicians can easily perform analysis from comprehensive report.

  • Access to detailed as well as brief evaluation of the report
  • Most critical events are presented in the first page as a consolidated summary
  • Aspects on beat count,heart rate and more parameters for each day splitted into day and night is subsequent pages.
  • Information regarding activity and inactivity of the patients is also noted.This in turn can help the physician correlate the heart rate with the patient's physical state.
  • The physician can also learn about the occurrences of symptoms in patient from the diary notes provided by in the Biocalculus application where each symptom noted by the patient will be recorded as a patient triggered event.
  • Most significant ECG rhythms are listed and displayed for reference.